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Chase Canadé

Hollywood, United States
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Freelance / Contract Work - Yes
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Total Experience: Fresher
Work Experience:

3D 2D Photography Video Webmaster etc etc

I'm not a "Professional" CG artist,  Videographer, Photographer or Webmaster by any means.
- I simply enjoy being creative and learning more as time and gear permits in many media forms.
Including: 3D - 2D - Photography - Videography - VideoFX and of course Music

Specialization: Nothing in particular - just continually learning
Software's Known: I'm a software junkie - got milk?
Awards / Milestones:

I am expecting Publishers Clearing House to stop by and give me an award any day now... does that count?

Education: +++The Internet +++
+++ Books!+++
+++Self Study+++
+++ Self Experimentation+++
A lot of  self experimentation with software actually.

Many Thanx goes out to those on the net that help in continuously feeding my creative persuits with an unlimited and updated knowledge base for me and others to learn from.
Including the people that write the manuals for software... yeah, i read them, so thanx!

My small way of giving back to the net...
- 1913 Hang Glider (to scale) - c4d format
- CG Arena Icons (4) 128x128 - jpg and png transpanency
arrow_up Personal Details
Gender: Male
Nationality: the illegitimate child of society
Languages Known: English
Address: some street
Zip Code: 33020
Email: email
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